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Who We Are

Plantwork Systems (PWS) is a unique combination of environmental passion, technological innovation and unrivalled experience, enabling us to develop and deliver ground-breaking sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for the wastewater and commercial sectors.

Why use electricity when you can use gravity?

Why use chemicals when you can use biology?


Plantwork Systems Environmental Commitment

Our Passion

We are passionately committed to making a tangible, positive contribution to a sustainable, clean environment, offering our technical expertise and innovative design to create, supply and promote leading edge technological solutions for wastewater treatment.

Process Engineering

Our Process

Our technology combines engineering with mechanical and electrical design to deliver a range of biological treatment processes which offer significant environmental and social benefits to local communities, as well as energy, resource and cost savings for our customers.

PWS Static Sludge Thickener

Our Products

Our range of unique proprietary products include biological nutrient removal, filtration and sludge treatment and are proven to produce higher water quality at lower cost. A strong synergy between our products enables solutions to be developed for various stages of wastewater treatment.



You Talk to us

We work collaboratively with our customers to design and deliver the right solution for your needs.  So get in touch and we will be delighted to talk to you about yours.

We Design & Build

We design and build bespoke systems to meet the particular needs of your site(s), optimising our technologies to maximise benefits for you and your stakeholders.

We Deliver & Support

We install systems with a full ongoing support model to suit you – either you lease and we manage, or purchase outright with training and support.

OUR key products


Unique, compact and efficient advanced Biological Nutrient Removal system offering industry-leading results.

Static Sludge Thickener

Lightweight and compact sludge thickening device offering huge cost savings and environmental benefits.

Pure SBR

Compact and flexible SBR Plant capable of scaling to successfully treat a range of wastewater needs – municipal, commercial and industrial.

de Hoxar Spiral Separator

A very compact gravity settlement device, maximising settled water quality whilst minimising wasted space.


‘Plug and play’ filtration unit, providing an effective additional treatment step for the reduction of Suspended Solids in final effluent.


“Smart technology and friendly, knowledgeable, honourable people who genuinely try to provide the right solution for your needs.”

“Their technology is streets ahead, as evidenced by discharge samples and by meeting or exceeding consent parameters.”

“They are 100% professional – personal not corporate.”

“The ability to deliver to tight consents on nitrate and phosphate reduction is critical, we cannot afford failure – PWS provides the complete package, from product to maintenance and operations, and they take away the risk of non-compliance.”

“PWS listens – and they tell you like it is.”

“We have always come back to PWS because others are unable to provide the technology or the service required – and that’s affected gaining the appropriate consents.”

“Service makes them stand out – they are all interested and all on-board with what they’re trying to achieve.”


If you would like to discuss how we can help you, or if you just have questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.