Unique, compact and efficient advanced Biological Nutrient Removal system
offering industry-leading results

the pollution problem

Phosphorus and Nitrogen pollution is a serious problem for waterbodies in the UK and worldwide and is increasingly being targeted by the Environment Agency with ever-stricter standards for removal.

BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) is a process by which bacteria and other microbes are used to consume or absorb harmful nutrients present in sewage. Current applications of BNR require large amounts of land and have very high operational costs which significantly restricts their implementation. The chemically aided alternatives use dangerous chemicals which can be as damaging to the environment as the nutrients themselves, as well as having high associated costs.

NUTREM® provides a better solution.


The Solution

The NUTREM® process is a unique, compact and efficient BNR process which has been developed specifically to overcome the current nutrient pollution issues being faced in the UK and around the world.

The process offers a reliable and robust solution to nutrient removal, using purely biological treatment but requiring a much smaller footprint and consuming less energy than more traditional BNR systems.

The key advantages of the NUTREM® process over alternative solutions are:

● industry-leading level of Total Phosphorus (TP) removal (below 0.25 mg/l)
● industry-leading level of Total Nitrogen (TN) removal (below 5 mg/l)
● no dosing requirements
● effective in all seasons (i.e. including weak sewage strengths)
● lower capital expenditure
● lower operating costs
● smaller footprint, with resulting cost saving
● modular and scalable, allowing cost to be spread
● high quality effluent capable of re-use without tertiary treatment
● virtually odour free process
● no corrosive by-products.

Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP2) Trials

The superb P and N removal results being achieved by PWS’s unique NUTREM® process have gained considerable recognition within the industry, putting NUTREM® into the second phase of the national Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP2) targeting substances of potential concern in wastewater.

Results of the trials consistently demonstrated the system removing TP down to levels between 0.1 and 0.3mg/l, achieving a removal rate in excess of 95%. Removal rates for all the other contaminants were also extremely high.

The CIP2 trial has proved that the NUTREM® process:

  • Maintains performance when treating diurnal flows and even during during prolonged overloaded conditions.
  • Is ideally positioned to meet future challenge of TP levels below 0.1mg/l, as well as Phosphorus recovery.

This puts NUTREM® in a unique position to meet growing industry demand and increasing sustainability pressures.