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Recognising its significant contribution to the UK’s carbon footprint, the water industry has committed to a target of net zero emissions by 2030.

Delivering on this commitment will require carbon impacts to be factored into all current and future decision making. Innovative, sustainable wastewater treatment solutions are urgently needed to meet the net zero challenge; a challenge that is particularly tough in today’s regulatory climate of increasing discharge constraints.

PWS products and processes are a powerful example of the kind of integrated solutions that are needed. We help deliver net carbon savings at the same time as significantly higher quality discharges to meet today’s tougher consent limits.

Our technologies create a fraction of the emissions of traditional wastewater treatment processes. Our unique sludge treatment processes also make a significant contribution to achieving net zero carbon through reduced energy use, reduced sludge volumes, smaller footprint, lower treatment and transportation costs and enhanced energy recovery opportunity.

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Our Key Products

Details of our key products can be found at the links below.

There is a strong synergy between our technologies, which enables solutions to be developed to cater for many stages of wastewater treatment.  This can be a huge bonus as installation costs can be kept highly competitive, so please do talk to us about your particular needs.


Unique, compact and efficient advanced Biological Nutrient Removal system offering industry-leading results.


Unique system for converting existing activated sewage sludge treatment works to Biological Nutrient Removal.

Pure SBR

Compact and flexible SBR plant
capable of scaling to successfully
treat a range of wastewater needs – municipal, commercial and industrial.

de Hoxar Spiral Separator

A very compact gravity settlement
, maximising settled water quality whilst minimising wasted space.


‘Plug and play’ filtration unit
providing an effective additional
treatment step for the reduction of Suspended Solids in final effluent.