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Robert White

29th February 2024

The devastating consequences of climate change are growing, with particularly serious effects on our weather and waterways. PWS is providing unique solutions to the water industry to address the problems caused by climate change.

2023 was Earth’s hottest on record, with extreme weather events becoming ever-more frequent and severe…

The steadily growing threat of climate change

The increase in temperature According to NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS), 2023 was Earth’s hottest since global records began.

The months of June, July and August combined were 0.23C warmer than any other summer in NASA’s record, and 1.2C warmer than the average summer between 1951 and 1980.

This new record comes as exceptional heat swept across much of the world, exacerbating deadly wildfires in Canada and Hawaii, and searing heat waves in South America, Japan, Europe and the USA, while likely contributing to severe rainfall in Italy, Greece and Central Europe.

To follow up, the Earth experienced the warmest January on record in 2024, as  surface air and sea temperatures combined to break a four-year heat record, according to new climate data from the European Union.

The effects of climate change are steadily growing. In February 2024, global temperature targets were temporarily breached. It is probable that they will continue to breach, the target of 1.5ºC rise above pre-industrial levels, which world leaders agreed in Paris in 2015 must not happen. Scientists say there is a 66% chance of this occurring on an ongoing basis between 2023-27, and the El Niño weather pattern that arrived in 2023 certainly heralds more warm weather.

How is this affecting our water?

The resulting extra rainfall, caused by the heat, running in to our rivers and seas will create continued flooding, with serious effects on eco-systems from unprecedented increases in algae and pollution, killing our fish and other water life.

The UK wastewater industry is seriously impacted by increased floods; there is too much pressure on our existing wastewater systems to cope with the extra water, resulting in more spillage and pollution into our rivers and waterways.

How can we help?

Plantwork Systems is working hard to help the utility companies address these problems caused by climate change. Our technology combines new wastewater treatment design with existing processes to offer ground-breaking solutions to all wastewater treatment needs. Combining biological engineering with mechanical and electrical design, our team delivers first class results in biological wastewater treatment.

We have developed a range of proprietary products and processes which are PROVEN to produce higher water quality at lower cost.

Our core philosophy focuses around 5 key principles to:


ENHANCE technology and biological processes to produce higher quality discharges from wastewater treatment plants.


REMOVE financial barriers to clients being able to meet the tighter discharge consents that are being introduced.


RECYCLE water whenever possible to help combat the growing issue of water scarcity.


REDUCE the energy and carbon requirements for wastewater treatment.


SUSTAIN the environment through promotion of sustainable technology.

Do you need practical, sustainable solutions to combat the effects of climate change?

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