Plantwork Systems Ltd has a policy to comply with all Environmental Legislation and Best Practice appropriate to our business.

It is our policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to:

  • Reduce our travel and consider the use of environmentally friendly vehicles and transports.
  • Recycle equipment, waste products and redundant items and reduce the consumption of consumables.
  • Promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
  • Purchase items manufactured or produced from sustainable sources.
  • Reduce the level of energy consumption and obtain utility and hardware supplies from environmentally friendly organisations and those who use renewable energy sources.

In particular, it is our policy to:

  • Prevent or reduce pollution and actively pursue reduction in the use of substances, processes and procedures that adversely affect the environment.
  • Obtain services, equipment and power from providers who are committed to environmental protection and recommend environmentally friendly systems to our customers.
  • Purchase supplies from providers who are committed to environmental protection thereby producing items from sustainable sources.
  • Consult with employees on any matter that may affect them related to environmental control.
  • Continually strive to improve the Company’s environmental performance.
  • Carry out an annual review and update of this policy and other environmental control systems.
  • Actively invite Employees to participate in the Company environmental programmes, co-operate in the operation of this Policy and make a positive contribution to environmental management by making themselves aware of the Environmental Policy and complying with the management system and control measures in place.

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Plantwork Systems Ltd (PWS) aims to provide an environment which respects and values the positive contribution of all its members. To achieve this aim, PWS acknowledges the following basic rights for all its members and prospective members:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To be treated fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choices

These rights carry with them responsibilities and PWS requires all its members to recognise these rights and to act in accordance with them in all their dealings with other individuals and organisations.

PWS will comply with all relevant legislation and good practice and will not tolerate any individual receiving less favourable treatment on grounds of religious or political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, family circumstance, race or ethnic origin, nationality, age, social or economic class, or disability; nor be disadvantaged by any other condition or requirement which is not relevant to good practice and cannot be shown to be justifiable.

It is expected that all directors and employees adhere to this policy and any breach of it may be dealt with under the company Disciplinary Procedures.

PWS aims to:

  • Ensure that the equal opportunities policy statement, accompanying codes of practice and other relevant policies and procedures are widely distributed throughout the company.
  • Establish support systems for staff who feel themselves subjected to discrimination.
  • Ensure equality of access to employment to PWS by monitoring the recruitment, selection and promotion processes for all staff.
  • Ensure that the physical environment and buildings reflect the needs of any disabled staff.
  • Ensure that traders, contractors, institutions or individuals who interact with PWS are aware of this policy.
  • Regularly review and monitor all company policies and practices to ensure compliance with equal opportunity practice.

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Plantwork Systems Ltd regard the promotion of the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all other appropriate Regulations and Approved Code of Practice as an essential objective for all people who work for the Company.

It is our Policy to do all that is reasonable to:­

  • Prevent personal injury, damage to property and ill health arising from work.
  • Protect personnel from reasonably foreseeable hazards.
  • Protect the public in so far as they come into contact with the Company’s activities.
  • Commit the necessary resources required to manage our Health & Safety systems.
  • Continually strive to improve Health & Safety standards throughout the Company by setting annual targets and reviewing our objectives and measuring the progress on formal audits.

In particular, it is our Policy to:­

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions, taking account of statutory requirements to provide training and instructions to enable employees to perform their duties safely and efficiently.
  • Make available all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and train and supervise their use as necessary.
  • Actively pursue reduction in the use of substances and procedures that adversely affect the environment.
  • Carry out an annual review of this policy and other Health & Safety control systems employed by the Company.
  • Consult with employees on any matter that may affect them related to Health, Safety and Welfare.

Employees have a legal duty to co-operate in the operation of this Policy by:

  • Not interfering with or misusing anything provided in the interest of Health and Safety.
  • Reporting incidents that have or may lead to accidents.
  • Complying with all Health & Safety instructions.

Each member of the Company is ultimately responsible to the Board of Directors for compliance with the Safety Policy requirements.

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Plantwork Systems Ltd (PWS) acknowledge that quality is the responsibility of all the staff and Directors. It is the duty of the PWS team to ensure that all our products and services of our own and our suppliers meet the quality criteria set by PWS to ensure customer satisfaction.

PWS supports a culture that values the highest quality performance from every member of staff and in every action performed. It is the policy of PWS to provide its customers with a range of products and services that are accurate, reliable, repeatable, compliant with specification and consistent with their expectations. These, together with timely delivery of documentation, products, materials and services are central to our operating policy.

It is the policy of PWS to deal with all customer concerns efficiently and effectively and to act upon these concerns, where possible, to the best of our ability and to the satisfaction of our customers.

PWS aims to support these commitments by the use of a Quality Monitoring System (QMS) which will be reviewed to assess its effectiveness and opportunities for improvement. PWS is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our QMS and have set relevant quality objectives, against which we monitor our performance.

The QMS is implemented, reviewed, updated and audited through our management structure and quality assurance personnel. The QMS and associated procedures are made available by both hard and electronic copy to all our staff.

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