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Robert White

15th December 2023

Plantwork Systems provides unique and compact on-site Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) treatment plants to efficiently and economically treat wastewater before it is released in to the environment.

Compact and highly efficient wastewater treatment systems offering a complete and superior solution to the fluctuating wastewater treatment needs of bespoke small-scale sites.

Meeting the Wastewater Challenges for a Variety of Sites

Our BNR technology is breaking the boundaries for phosphorus and nitrogen removal, and a variety of leisure facilities, such as golf courses, historic venues and outdoor conservation attractions, can all reap the benefits. Very often these venues are also seasonal, meaning that variable functionality is required dependent on footfall and visitor numbers. Our ground-breaking technology is individually-tailored and flexible enough to cope with such seasonal fluctuations.

We can also supply commercial organisations, such as food manufacturers, dairies, breweries, and abattoirs, where wastewater solutions are complex and require bespoke and affordable systems. Companies using Plantwork Systems’ products to effectively and efficiently utilise high quality treated wastewater stand to gain substantial rewards – financial, environmental and reputational.

How do we do it?

Plantwork Systems’ technology combines new wastewater treatment design with existing processes to offer ground-breaking solutions to all wastewater treatment needs. Combining biological engineering with mechanical and electrical design, our team delivers first class results in biological wastewater treatment.

We have developed a range of proprietary products and processes which are PROVEN to produce higher water quality at lower cost.

Our core philosophy focuses around 5 key principles to:


ENHANCE technology and biological processes to produce higher quality discharges from wastewater treatment plants.


REMOVE financial barriers to clients being able to meet the tighter discharge consents that are being introduced.


RECYCLE water whenever possible to help combat the growing issue of water scarcity.


REDUCE the energy and carbon requirements for wastewater treatment.


SUSTAIN the environment through promotion of sustainable technology.

Do you need a more efficient, environmentally and financially beneficial system to meet the particular wastewater treatment challenges of your site?

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Article by Robert White, Plantwork Systems Managing Director