Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for the Wastewater Treatment Industry for 2023… and Beyond

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Robert White

3rd January 2023

Our industry-leading technical expertise and unique experience in sustainable wastewater treatment combine to create, supply and promote innovative, highly effective products and consultancy services.

2023 marks Plantwork Systems’ 13th year providing ground-breaking sustainable solutions for the wastewater industry.

We are working with several of the UK’s utility companies, including Severn Trent, Wessex Water and South West Water, to solve challenging problems where tougher discharge limits are being imposed, or compliance with existing limits is at risk, or where assets are in need of replacement without disruption to service.

We do all this by employing our industry-leading in-house technical expertise and unique experience in sustainable wastewater treatment to create, supply and promote innovative products and consultancy services.

We offer first class consultancy, based on our unrivalled expertise in the field, as well as a range of proprietary products and processes which are proven to produce higher water quality at lower cost.

PWS technology combines new wastewater treatment design with existing processes to offer the water industry ground-breaking solutions to all wastewater treatment needs. Combining biological engineering with mechanical and electrical design, our team delivers top quality results in biological wastewater treatment.

Our core philosophy focuses around 5 key principles to:


ENHANCE technology and biological processes to produce higher quality discharges from wastewater treatment plants.


REMOVE financial barriers to clients being able to meet the tighter discharge consents that are being introduced.


RECYCLE water whenever possible to help combat the growing issue of water scarcity.


REDUCE the energy and carbon requirements for wastewater treatment.


SUSTAIN the environment through promotion of sustainable technology.

Unique, sustainable, industry-leading solutions for both new developments and existing wastewater assets.

We work on new wastewater developments as well as existing treatment works, offering industry-leading consultancy and practical solutions, such as:


  • Expert advice and support on wastewater planning, including feasibility of achieving imposed discharge consent levels.
  • Support through the planning process to obtain planning permission for new plants.
  • Helping to obtain Environment Agency approval for on-site treatment.
  • Assisting in the design of new plants and integration of new technologies.
  • Independent technical liaison with the regulators (Environment Agency and Natural England).


  • Conducting surveys and audits of existing plants to assess performance.
  • Providing comprehensive reports on the condition and serviceability of existing works, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Helping to implement improvements to meet discharge consents.
  • Supporting WaSCs with the integration of new technologies.

Can we help you?

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Article by Robert White, Plantwork Systems Managing Director