Keeping it Green – Sustainable Wastewater Solution for Golf Courses

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Robert White

7th December 2021

When the ladies and gents of the golf club are teeing off, it’s doubtful that very much thought is given to the enormous resource involved in keeping the greens on which they are playing in tip-top condition.

But this is something that is never far from the minds of most golf course managers.

The challenges of keeping a golf course in great shape are numerous. Water is of course vital, and a most precious resource. But the rising costs of municipal water, together with the compromised quality of available water sources, present golf course owners and operators with significant issues of supply, cost and availability.

A golf course that can effectively and efficiently utilise high quality treated wastewater stands to reap a number of substantial rewards – financial, environmental and reputational.

Pure SBR is a compact and highly efficient wastewater treatment system offering a complete and superior solution to the wastewater treatment needs of golf courses and other small scale sites.

The Pure SBR Solution

Developed and enhanced over a period of 30 years, Plantwork Systems’ Pure SBR is a compact and highly efficient wastewater treatment system offering a complete and superior solution to the wastewater treatment needs of golf courses and other small scale sites.

It is a more efficient, lower cost improvement on traditional systems, with numerous proven benefits. It is suitable for all biologically treatable waters, occupies comparatively little space and can recycle grey or black water without significant additional treatment.

All this translates into a more environmentally and financially beneficial system for any golf course.

Pure SBR is easily installed, easily operated and maintained and is odour free, which makes it ideal for most golf courses. The system is also capable of growing if demand grows, with the reactors being installed in stages as and when they are required to treat additional flow.

All these benefits and the Pure SBR still averages significantly lower energy consumption rates than alternative technologies, translating into further operating savings.

A fine example of how innovative use of water can benefit the business and the environment.

Environment Agency MCERTS inspector, Peter Ward, on certification of system at Bramshaw Golf Course in Hampshire

Pure SBR installation discreetly hidden by trees

Key Benefits of Pure SBR

  • Water quality is so high that it can safely be re-used for watering greens and grounds, with the potential to save a fortune in water bills.
  • The treated wastewater is also full of nutrients required for healthy grass, such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen, so it also lowers fertiliser costs.
  • A useable wastewater supply means guaranteed availability, even during periods of drought.
  • Small footprint of the system: Water treated with a Pure SBR system is so clean it can be discharged directly into the environment. This means a smaller twin tank system is all that is needed and an effluent polisher is not required, saving significant capital cost.
  • In the winter when the golf course is quieter, the system goes into eco-mode and only processes when a full load is detected. This means energy savings of 66%.
  • The smaller system also makes further OPEX savings on the energy required for extra equipment in traditional systems which is not needed.
  • The system is monitored online allowing the plant to be managed and maintained remotely. Any issues are picked up instantly and engineer visits minimised.

Waste Not, Want not

Waste water is a logical, safe and economical choice for golf course irrigation. It also offers an environmentally responsible choice with the consequent benefits to the environment and your business reputation.

All in all, the Pure SBR system ensures that greens can be kept in top condition in an environmentally-sensitive way, even through a water shortage, saving money in the process.

Article by Robert White, PWS Managing Director