Efficient, Low Cost & Sustainable Wastewater Solution for Remote and Seasonal Leisure Attractions

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Robert White

8th June 2023

Remote seasonal leisure attractions often have very particular wastewater treatment needs that are not adequately met by wastewater companies. Plantwork Systems has the solution.

Great Notley Country Park in Essex, a leisure and conservation site where Plantwork Systems’ Pure SBR was chosen as the best wastewater treatment solution to provide the flexibility needed to cope with fluctuating and seasonal needs.

Wastewater Challenges for Remote Leisure Sites

Remote leisure attractions are often not serviced adequately by the wastewater companies, due to their unpredictable seasonal population fluctuations; flows will vary massively from weekends to weekdays, as well as between winter and summer months.

Additionally, these facilities are often set in areas of distinct natural beauty and designated conservation areas where rivers and landscapes are at their most environmentally sensitive.

Not only do these types of establishments need to uphold and communicate authentic ESG stories, but they need to find a wastewater solution which is flexible according to seasons and financially justified, even when visitor footprint is at its lowest.

Pure SBR is a compact and highly efficient wastewater treatment system offering a complete and superior solution to the fluctuating wastewater treatment needs of bespoke commercial small-scale sites.

Superior Bespoke Solution

The Plantwork Systems Pure SBR is a compact and highly efficient wastewater treatment system offering a complete and superior solution to the wastewater treatment needs of bespoke commercial small-scale sites. It is the chosen successful solution for several applications.

Pure SBR is a lower cost, more efficient and sustainable improvement on traditional systems, such as biodiscs, which are more prone to problems with such fluctuations in flow. It is suitable for all biologically treatable waters, occupies comparatively little space and can recycle grey or black water without significant additional treatment.

All this translates into a more environmentally and financially beneficial system for many remote, seasonal, independent and autonomous applications such as:

      • Golf courses
      • Rural estates
      • Remote leisure and visitor centres
      • Secluded seasonal attractions

Key Benefits of Pure SBR


The treated wastewater is so clean that it can be reused for irrigation of lawns and parkland. It is also full of nutrients required for healthy grass, such as Phosphorus and Nitrogen, so it lowers fertiliser costs too.


A re-useable wastewater supply means guaranteed availability, even during periods of drought.


The system has a small footprint, which makes it particularly suitable for small, public and/or environmentally sensitive sites.


Water treated with a Pure SBR system can be discharged directly into the environment. This means a smaller twin tank system is all that is needed and an effluent polisher is not required, saving significant capital cost.


In quieter seasons, the system goes into eco-mode and only processes when a full load is detected. This means energy savings of more than 50%.


The smaller system also makes further OPEX savings on the energy required for extra equipment in traditional systems which is not needed.


The system is monitored online allowing the plant to be managed and maintained remotely. Any issues are picked up instantly and engineer visits minimised.

Pure SBR wastewater treatment system with the reactor above ground hidden by trees

How it works

  • The Pure SBR receives raw sewage in the balance tank where it is kept and aerated to prevent the sewage becoming septic and producing odour.
  • Sewage arrives in the balance tank via a pumping well. Depending on the site-specific hydraulics, it is also possible to deliver flows to the tank via a gravity supply pipe.
  • The sewage is transferred to the reactor in batches for biological treatment. Treatment is carried out at predetermined cycles over a 24 hour period.
  • During periods of low flow, the control system switches to Energy Saving Mode (ESM) to reduce the power consumption of the plant by more than 50%.
  • In addition to ESM, a Winter and Summer setting can be added to the controls. This adjusts the equipment used to perform treatment, as average flows can reduce up to 95% in the winter at some seasonal venues.
  • Remote access enables full control of the site from anywhere and flow/energy data can be analysed via a PC mounted in the control panel to enable plant optimisation. If there are any issues, alarm codes are sent directly to the operator via email – even in cases of power cuts.

Article by Robert White, Plantwork Systems Managing Director

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