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Robert White

23rd April 2024

With increasing pressure on the wastewater industry to improve water quality, reduce pollution and enhance sustainability, PWS continues to disrupt the market with innovative, reliable, sustainable solutions.

The UK wastewater industry is undergoing significant transformation

The need for improvement

You will have heard on the news about the latest wastewater problems in the UK. An imbalance in nutrients in sewage is causing eutrophication in our watercourses; a serious threat to the environment, wildlife and, ultimately, human health.


The latest regulatory changes are forcing the UK wastewater sector to undergo significant transformation. With increasing pressure to improve water quality, reduce pollution and enhance sustainability, wastewater treatment plants are investing in innovative solutions, such as advanced filtration systems, anaerobic digestion and nutrient removal technologies.


The UK water treatment market size is set to grow to £95 billion between 2025 and 2030 – up 63% from £58 billion in the previous five-year period. A significant amount of this expenditure will be used for phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient removal.

Sustainable Solutions

PWS is disrupting the UK wastewater market with innovative, reliable, sustainable solutions for biological nutrient removal, filtration and sludge treatment, which replace the use of harmful chemicals and other unreliable methods that are polluting our waterways.

Our latest project is a significant new sludge import facility at Hayle in Cornwall. A new storage tank was required to temporarily contain sewage from surrounding towns and villages when the inlet works are in flood conditions. The sewage from the huge 750 cubic metre facility (see photo above) is released to the inlet works when the storm conditions have eased. The sludge is then processed to produce electricity and fertiliser.

Our core philosophy focuses around 5 key principles to:


ENHANCE technology and biological processes to produce higher quality discharges from wastewater treatment plants.


REMOVE financial barriers to clients being able to meet the tighter discharge consents that are being introduced.


RECYCLE water whenever possible to help combat the growing issue of water scarcity.


REDUCE the energy and carbon requirements for wastewater treatment.


SUSTAIN the environment through promotion of sustainable technology.

We have been working with 4 of the UK’s wastewater companies on various solutions for over a decade.

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